Guest: Jon Dauphiné, Esq. is the CEO of the Foundation for Financial Planning, the U.S.’s leading 501(c)(3) charity devoted to expanding access to pro bono financial planning for people in need. Dave Mantell, CFP®, CFA is a Managing Partner and wealth advisor at Stabler Wealth Management in Bellevue, WA.

In a Nutshell: In fields like medicine, law, and education, pro bono work is an established part of the professional culture. My guests today are at the forefront of a movement to build an infrastructure for pro bono financial planning so that folks who can’t afford to work with an advisor can gain access to the essential services we provide.

On today’s show, Jon Dauphiné and Dave Mantell explain how the Foundation for Financial Planning connects advisors to the resources they need to make a huge impact on people’s lives and their communities. We also discuss how more advisors and — hopefully — conference organizers can get involved in building out this important network.


.Jon Dauphiné and Dave Mantell discuss:

  • The origins of the Foundation for Financial Planning and its mission.
  • Looking to other professions for inspiration and best practices for encouraging pro bono planning.
  • How pro bono financial planning can improve potential outcomes for low-income individuals and folks dealing with serious medical issues.
  • Encouraging pro bono work to help young advisors improve both their hard and soft skills.
  • The importance of financial education and helping folks understand that advisory services are not just for the wealthy.
  • Best practices for incorporating pro bono work into your firm’s culture and clearing compliance hurdles.
  • Where Jon and Dave would like to see our industry and pro bono planning in five years.

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