In a Nutshell: In order of priority, rank these three stakeholders in your business: customers, shareholders, and employees.

In today’s conversation, Tiffani Bova told me that while most companies consider themselves customer-first, the absolute best firms draw a clear connection between the customer experience and the employee experience. Employees who feel cared for and invested in channel that positivity into exceptional customer service, which leads to more sales and higher profits. And, now more than ever, employees who don’t feel like the company cares about them will simply leave.

Guest: Tiffani Bova, the global growth evangelist at Salesforce and the author of the Wall Street Journal Bestselling book Growth IQ.


My Key Takeaways:

  1. “Customers will remember the experience they have much longer than the price that they paid.” Optimizing that experience starts with hiring and training the best people. Then, your culture has to create a motivating and empowering employee experience.
  2. “I don’t use the term ‘Great Resignation.’ I actually use ‘Great Reflection.'” People aren’t leaving their jobs because they’re bored or entitled. They’re looking for a more fulfilling employee experience from a more caring employer.
  3. “The job remains consistent over time.”  Never put shiny new tech or outdated processes ahead of the problems that your company needs to solve for your employees and your customers.

Also Learn:

  1. Why Tiffani believes that Salesforce doesn’t sell “technology.”
  2. Tiffani’s “Paths to Growth” and how successful companies find a unique way to sequence and configure them.
  3. How the pandemic has changed growth marketing and team building and some unconventional strategies that helped firms succeed.
  4. Why “either customers or employees first” is a false choice that some “big box” companies are getting wrong.
  5. Tiffani’s five core elements of the employee experience and how to orient every level of your organization around them.
  6. The one question Tiffani says every CEO should ask workers to improve the employee experience.
  7. Why Tiffani believes Salesforce’s new Trailblazer Ranch could point towards the future of work.

Complementary podcast: Tiffani also spent some time at Gartner, and in a recent episode I spoke with their Distinguished VP, Research Brian Kropp about how a powerful culture can help you attract and retain top talent. Listen/read here.

Resources Featured In This Episode

The Experience Advantage: Transforming Customer and Employee Experience for the Future of Work — Special Research Report from Salesforce that Tiffani referenced in the podcast.

Tiffani Bova