In a Nutshell: If you’ve been thinking about adding a financial advisor podcast to your digital marketing plan, what’s stopping you? The barriers to entry are low. You can easily learn a couple new tech skills and outsource the rest. And once you get over those initial jitters and refine your format, you’ll find your voice, a wealth of content you can repurpose, and a personal way connect to clients and prospects.

Joining me for this podcasting roundtable are:

My Key Takeaways:

  1. Determine where (or if) a financial advisor podcast fits in your business. Podcasting is one of many potential marketing strategies so the first key is to determine if podcasting is right for you.
  2. Podcasting is not expensive. You have everything you need to record a podcast on your cell phone or laptop right now. For a step up in quality, make some minimal investments in better microphones and editing software, or work with a producer who can give each episode a little extra polish.
  3. Podcasting is personal. Hearing your voice in the car, on a lunch break, or during a workout can create a very personal connection to your audience — provided you have an authentic point of view on relevant issues that you’re not afraid to share.
  4. Podcasting is efficient and effective. One podcast could be source material for several social media posts, a blog, and a long-form article. Publish new content consistently, monitor your metrics (such as downloads and engagement), and communicate regularly with subscribers in your email database. Clients will feel more connected to you, and a growing percentage of ideal prospects will want to learn more.

Also Learn:

  1. A low-cost tech stack that will get you podcasting quickly, from recording to publishing on all major platforms.
  2. The advantages a financial advisor podcast has over other marketing media.
  3. Why consistency is a podcasting essential.
  4. How to fine tune your market, your audience, and your message.
  5. How a financial advisor podcast can be a force multiplier for both prospecting and attracting new talent.
  6. Why a strong opinion that might turn off some listeners is better than trying to appeal to everyone.
  7. Strategies for integrating a financial advisor podcast into the rest of your digital marketing plan so that you keep growing that valuable email list.

Complementary podcast: A good podcast needs structure, but it also needs flow. I talked to The Second City’s Kelly Leonard about why all leaders should work on their improvisational skills.  Listen/read here.

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