Guest: Eric Becker, the Co-Founder and Co-Chairman of Cresset Capital Management, an award-winning multi-family office with over $40 billion in assets under management.

In a Nutshell: When your clients are facing a moment of truth at those intersections of life and money, are you their first call? If not, what kind of service do you need to start delivering to earn one of those speed dial spots? And how could making your firm indispensable increase your referrals, make your marketing more effective, and enhance your ability to attract and retain likeminded talent who will keep client relationships at the center of everything your firm does?

On today’s show, Eric Becker discusses Cresset’s origin story and explains how he and his co-founder methodically built the firm from its launch in 2017, by clients for clients, into one of the top multi-family offices in the country.

.Eric Becker and I discuss:

  • What dealing with personal challenges taught Eric and Co-Founder Avy Stein about the kind of firm they wanted to build.
  • Cresset’s four pillars of service and how they help Eric and his team realize their mission of being the first call for their clients.
  • Why creating a community among its clients is a key attribute of the firm.
  • The wide variety of services Cresset offers — from “fractional CFOs” and learning hours with Mark Cuban to assisting loved ones caught in overseas conflicts — and how operating at scale allows Cresset to do more for its clients.
  • Creating and managing a culture that acts as a “moat” around the organization.
  • How Cresset structures its unique employee ownership model.
  • The importance of consistent digital engagement to building Cresset’s strong brand in only six years.
  • Eric’s growth mindset and 100-year vision for Cresset.

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