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Thank you for your interest in the Grow to $1 Billion or More in AUM panel discussion with Steve Sanduski, Catharine Aguilar, and Lisa Salvi. Please watch the replay below and access the links to additional resources so you can continue your learning.

The top-performing RIA firms with $1 billion or more in AUM keep crushing it because they do things differently. Now, for the first time, Charles Schwab has identified the 15 business metrics that its Top Performing Firms excel in.

In today’s panel discussion, we will discuss how you can use these business metrics and the insights found in Schwab’s 14th annual RIA Benchmarking Study to inform your growth strategy.

Facilitated by: Steve Sanduski, CFP®


Catharine Aguilar, Chief Marketing Officer, CornerCap Wealth Advisors
Lisa Salvi, Vice President, Advisor Services, Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab Resources

Please thank Charles Schwab for making the following resources available to our event participants.

2020 RIA Benchmarking Study: Schwab’s RIA Benchmarking Study is the leading study in the industry —1,010 advisory firms, representing $1.1 trillion in AUM, participated this year. Download here.

(Billion or more) 2020 RIA Benchmarking Study: This report spotlights results for firms with $1 billion or more in assets under management. Download here.

RIA Compensation Report: Schwab’s RIA Compensation Report reflects responses from Schwab’s annual RIA Benchmarking Study, the largest study of its kind, and offers a comprehensive look at compensation practices in the independent financial advice industry in 2018. Download here.

Marketing: Elevate your firm’s profile with marketing tips and tools that can help you gain more visibility, increase your market reach, and connect with new clients. For a full suite of toolkits, guides, and articles, click here.

Amplify Your Brand Online: Build trust and deepen client relationships with these digital marketing best practices. For the full report, click here.

How to Build a Better Landing Page: The first page a website visitor comes to is called a landing page in Google Analytics. Your most common landing page is your website’s home page, but savvy marketers often create special landing pages for each campaign or to reach a particular audience. No matter what approach you take, here are some tips for building effective landing pages. To download the toolkit, click here.

Quick Tips for Boosting Your Web Presence: Most first impressions these days happen online, so your firm needs to be well served by your website and overall web presence. Two key assets—a strong business listing using Google My Business and the use of search engine optimization techniques on your site—will help you attract new prospects and engage clients on an ongoing basis. To download the toolkit, click here.

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