Seth Streeter is the CEO and founder of Mission Wealth, a leading wealth management company with more than $2.5 billion in assets under management. Seth was an early proponent of our industry’s shift into Life-Centered Planning, and I could listen to him talk all day about how advisors can help folks redefine what wealth and happiness really mean.

Recently I heard an episode of the Wellness Revolutionaries podcast in which Mindbody co-founder Blake Beltram talked with Seth about this concept of redefining wealth. Their discussion was so insightful that I reached out to Blake, and he’s been kind enough to let me share this episode here.

Some of the topics Blake and Seth cover include:

  • Why Seth believes money counts for only 10% of a person’s wealth.
  • Seth’s 10 Dimensions of Wealth and 7 Dimensions of Wellness.
  • How the values of a new generation of workers are reshaping the classic American Dream.
  • How to help retirees develop a “Life 3.0 Vision” based around the freedom to pursue passions, strengthen relationships, and build their legacies.
  • Preparing your business for the paradigm shift Seth sees in how our culture views money and defines wealth.

Thank you Blake and Seth for letting me post this episode.

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