Recently I was a guest on the Better Conversations, Better Outcomes podcast presented by BMO Global Asset Management. Host Ben Jones and I discussed my 5-point framework for effective communication with clients during a crisis. I developed this framework based on the mistakes I saw some advisors make back in the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). These advisors got hit with a double whammy of market declines and lost clients as they failed to effectively communicate with their clients as the GFC unfolded.

Some of the topics Ben and I cover include:

  • Why having a point of view is more important to your clients right now than having all the answers.
  • How advisors who argue “No action is action” risk appearing invisible — even if “staying the course” is the right thing to do for that client.
  • What effective contingency planning looks like for both your clients and your business.
  • Powerful lessons on leadership during a crisis from former Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz and Admiral James Stockdale.

Thank you Ben for letting me share this conversation with my audience. Ben’s had many amazing guests and I highly recommend you subscribe to his podcast here.

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