I am thrilled to announce that I am now hosting a new podcast for Barron’s Advisor called, Actionable Intelligence.

In this new series, I interview the world’s leading thinkers, creatives, and achievers to shine a light on their story and the wisdom they gleaned along their journey through life.

The first episode with leadership and performance coach Tim Kight is now live. It’s titled: Becoming an Elite Performer and you can listen to it here.

Each episode will bring to life an insight, a strategy, or a new way to think about or do something.

It’s about bringing together a diverse group of people whose experiences won’t simply “fit” with yours, but will “further” yours.

It’s about curating and connecting the dots of life from others so you can create your unique masterpiece.

Everything is connected. As Richard Branson said, “I don’t think of work as work and play as play, it’s all living.” Actionable Intelligence is designed to help you drive toward mastery in all you do.

Featured Guests Include:

Tim Kight: leadership, culture, behavior, motivation coach to Ohio State football team

Michael Gervais: sports psychologist, performance coach to the Seattle Seahawks

Annette Simmons: speaker, author of The Story Factor, expert on storytelling

Trish Hall: author of Writing to Persuade, former New York Times Op-Ed page editor

Andrew J. Scott: professor at London Business School, Co-author of The 100-Year Life and The New Long Life

Stephanie Kelton: professor at Stony Brook University, economist, MMT advocate, and author of The Deficit Myth

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